See what our guests are saying about MLB Pitching

Logan and I greatly appreciate the instruction you are providing. Many things impress us about your approach. While your success in the big leagues has provided you a great foundation for your teachings, you don’t stop there. Your knowledge through constant research and studying of the human body in relation to pitching mechanics makes you one of the best out there. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Your use of video and still shots (and showing a comparison with professional pitchers of all types) has been very effective in helping us understand the changes that need to be made in Logan’s mechanics. Truly, you take instruction to a whole new level and the results and understanding has greatly increased as a result of your approach. I would highly recommend your instruction to any young pitcher that is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the art of pitching and maximizing their personal potential. Thanks again Greg!
— Stan Hershenow
Greg, Thank you for showing my two sons that they have great abilities that merely needed to be brought to the surface! Your passion and intensity was apparent from the start. I was gradually more impressed with how much you truly care for their development individually. Nick and Sean will always cherish the attention and encouragement you have given them these past two years. Thank you Greg!
— Tom Ward
I want to let you know how much we appreciate your lessons. I have seen Chris grow in his abilities during the last several months as a result of your instruction. His ability to control the ball, his increased velocity and his endurance as a pitcher are a testament to your abilities as an instructor. You have also helped him to focus on the mental strength and toughness needed to be a pitcher. Your patience when giving instruction is limitless and your ability to bring creativity to address his individual needs definitely provides an advantage for Chris. Thanks again for all that you do.
— Karen Little
Greg, Thank you for giving your personal time and energy to provide your students with proper pitching techniques and the desire for continuous improvement. Your unwavering accomplishments are numerous, as well as perpetual. I especially commend you on your ability to teach all your students on an equal plane. As the mother of a Deaf child, we have experienced far too many coaches that believe our son is a “distraction.” One coach went so far as to throw the interpreter out of the dugout for “causing too much commotion.” Another coach ran behind our son clapping to get his attention. You are like a breath of fresh air. You never treated our son any different from any other student, because you understand that he is not any different. You took the few extra moments to talk in his view of your face, and never complained when he needed an interpreter. You have no idea how special you are...but our son does. We thank you for that. You taught Marcus proper techniques and good body mechanics, but I’m most grateful for your human kindness, high ideals, and perseverance of efforts to improve understanding and acceptance for all people. Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched...but are felt in the heart.” Thanks again!
— Teresa Clark
My boys, 12 (right-handed) and 14 (left-handed), both appreciate the individual attention and the fact that you not only show them how to pitch, but how to think and act like a pitcher. Two different style pitchers, two different ages, two different temperaments and still they both want nobody but you to be their instructor. That says a lot about you. See you in January for year number 3.
— Todd Matheis
Greg’s instruction has been well rounded. His focus on proper weight lifting and exercises are instrumental in preventing injury and increasing velocity. His focus on proper mechanics helps prevent injury and increase velocity as well. Another key area is Greg’s focus on the art of pitching. Knowing what pitch to throw to what hitter in specific situations is invaluable to a young player learning how to be a pitcher not a just a thrower.
— Adam and Bob Putnam
Greg, You brought my knowledge not only of pitching but of the game of baseball to another level. Being new to pitching, you made sure to start from the beginning with me and progressing me on the way rather then rushing me where I wouldn’t have known what I was learning. I love the passion you share with the game of baseball and it makes it enjoyable and easy to work and learn with. You didn’t just throw us in the chair and make us workout, you gave us the opportunity to make sure everything we did in cybex was mentally the same to being on the mound. The knowledge you share with pitching, such as learning to read hitters or even the competitiveness it takes to be out there, is outstanding. Thank you Greg.
— Johnny Omahen Florida Marlins