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Why take lessons from Greg Mathews?

Video analysis by a former MLB player
Having a perspective from someone who has played in the big leagues
Having a set time to train and workout
Decrease chances of getting hurt
Pinpoint weaknesses early on
Emphasized mental and physical health in sports
Setting positive goals for the future

I. Evaluation
Test Arm Strength
Flexibility, Coordination & Agility
Pitching Mechanics
II. Implement Program
Design specific exercise program to balance arm strength   
Breakdown pitching mechanics to help reduce stress to the arm
Introduce drills to improve body position that maximize speed & control
III. Technical Aspect
 Holding the baseball for different pitches
 Having good control
 Defensive drills- Pre Pitch Preparation
IV. Mental Approach
Ability to think under pressure
How to anticipate situations
How to read hitters and develop good pitch selection