Growing up in Southern California the competition was pretty intense. I realized at a young age if I wasn't willing to give 100% someone else would be. A lesson at first that was tough but later became my driving force to never quit no matter what people say. When training young men, it's important to see them based on their potential that way you invariably help them achieve their goals.
I've been asked on many occasions what was required to make it to the big leagues. I thought about that question on many different levels and let me explain.

Do whatever it takes, Period!! 
Learn to hyper-focus. You don't have to be on your 'A' game all the time, just when you walk between the lines. I've always believed you can learn something from everyone but only apply what works for you. If you ever get the chance to learn from someone who played in the big leagues take it, there is no substitution like experience. If you want to climb Mount Everest are you going to listen to the person who made it half way or the person who made it to the top? One can learn a lot from each individual until you get past the halfway point of the mountain.
I realized at a young age I was meant to play baseball the only aspect I lacked was direction. I was average at every other sport but it seamed like God blessed me with the ability to play baseball. In summary, let me paraphrase. Before i rejected God in my life thinking "Why am I playing baseball". After accepting that God is in control of my life, I realized "I was meant to play baseball".  
As a Wellness professor It's vitally important to have balance in your life if you expect to be successful in anything you do. Too many times I've seen baseball become the God of athletes lives only to self destruct under the pressure, it's imperative to understand your ability to play baseball is a gift.
In closing, I want everyone to know who stumbles across my website that all information posted is only meant for those who share the same love and passion for the greatest game ever invented.


Greg Mathews

Greg Mathews
Pitching Instructor, formerly a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals.
#1 Piece of Advice:
Be prepared, it’s your choice to win or lose before you even step on the field.
Personal Motto:
“There are no mistakes, only learning experiences that allow for corrections”